bacon wrapped dates 4
creamy bleu cheese

ricotta cheese 9
roasted winter vegetables

mussels 13
tomatoes, lemon, white wine

beets 8

arugula, pistachios, champagne vinaigrette, fried capers

cheese plate 15
soft, firm, bleu cheese, dried and fresh fruit, honey

smoked eggplant 9
radish, tahini, paprika

mushroom pâté 8
crimini, shiitake, walnuts

anchovy toast 9
portuguese anchovies on mini rye toast, herbs, spices, olive oil

lobster roll 18
duke’s mayo, celery, brioche bun

southern dolmas 15
lamb meatloaf, mushrooms, saffron cream sauce

chickpea cheela 16
rolled crêpe, cashew cheese, roasted cauliflower, coconut red curry sauce

stuffed calamari 15
sausage, pesto, mushrooms, frali family tomato sauce

sauteed shrimp 14
lemon, butter, garlic, prosciutto, crostini

seared scallops 20
lemon beurre blanc, steamed asparagus

grilled cheese & soup 9
smoked cheddar, red curry tomato soup

potatoes 7
garlic, herbs, olive oil

carrots 9
parsley tahini, harissa vinaigrette, nuts, seeds

butternut squash soup 8
pumpkin, carrots, apple cider, rosemary oil

fattoush 9
mint, parsley, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, flatbread

ratatouille 7
eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomato, parmesan cheese

whole roasted fish 32
daily selection russo’s seafood

porchetta 22

napa and red cabbage slaw

salmon 19

olive and tomato relish, quinoa, vertu farm sprouts

beef tenderloin 26
bourbon, dijon, salted cream, broccolini, garlic mash

duck breast 22
cilantro, mint, grapefruit, fish sauce

beef bourguignon 24
beef stew, housemade pappardelle pasta