mushroom pate  8
crimini, button and shiitake mushroom, cream cheese, egg, madeira

lobster roll  18
lobster, duke’s mayo, celery, brioche bun

hummus  9
roasted red beets

cheese plate  15
soft, firm, and bleu cheese, fruit, nuts, reader’s bees honey

beets  8
arugula, pistachios, champagne vinaigrette, fried capers

roasted shishito peppers
butternut squash coulis

sardines 10
tomato juice, panko, vertu farms baby green salad

stuffed tomatoes 14
ricotta, fontina, parmesan cheese, basil

garlic, herbs, olive oil

parsley tahini sauce, harissa vinaigrette, tree nuts and seeds

green beans  9
prosciutto wrapped, smoked provolone, roasted tomato vinaigrette

pastrami 15
house cured and smoked, mustard, pickles, house-made rye


sautéed shrimp 14
lemon butter, crispy prosciutto, garlic crostini

romaine wedge 10
bacon wrapped dates, red onion, hazelnuts, blue cheese dressing

scallop ceviche 13
red onion, red bell pepper, lime

pork belly confit 13
chinese five spice, brussels sprouts, roasted grapes, hoisin sauce

risotto 14
asparagus, peas, basil

cashew flatbread 12
house made cashew cheese, selection from local farmer’s harvest, lemon zest

arugula 8
fava beans, peas, radishes, orange segments, chive vinaigrette

skirt steak  16
cane water farms tomatoes, chimichurri

salmon  18
kalamata olive and tomato relish, quinoa, vert farms sunflower sprouts

duck breast  23
cane water farms baby bokchoy, sweet potato puree, puffed rice

scallops and pork belly  25
seared and crispy, spiced carrots, sweet pea

beef tenderloin  25
cognac, dijon, salted cream broccolini, roasted garlic mash

market fish  25
pan seared, roasted seasonal ratatouille, gremolata