mushroom pate  8
crimini, and shiitake mushrooms, walnut

lobster roll  18
lobster, duke’s mayo, celery, brioche bun

smoked eggplant  9
tahini, paprika

cheese plate  15
soft, firm, and bleu cheese, fruit, nuts, local honey

beets  8
arugula, pistachios, champagne vinaigrette, fried capers

butternut squash soup  8
butternut squash, apple and rosemary  oil

mussels 13
tomatoes, lemon, white wine

ricotta cheese  9

potatoes 7
garlic, herbs, olive oil

parsley tahini sauce, harissa vinaigrette, tree nuts and seeds

bacon wrapped dates  4


sautéed shrimp 14
lemon butter, crispy prosciutto, garlic crostini

stuffed calamari  15
andouille sausage, roasted mushrooms, pesto and tomato sauce

ratatouille  7
eggplant, zucchini, squash, tomato, parmesan cheese

fattoush  9
mint, parsley, cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes, dried cherries, flat bread

southern dolmas 15
ground lamb, veal, beef, wild mushrooms, saffron cream sauce


skirt steak  16
garlic cherry tomatoes, chimichurri

salmon  18
kalamata olive and tomato relish, quinoa, vertu farms sunflower sprouts

duck breast  23
cilantro, mint, grapefruit

scallops 20
seared, lemon beurre blanc, steamed asparagus

beef tenderloin  25
cognac, dijon, salted cream broccolini, roasted garlic mash

whole roasted fish 32
daily selection from Russo’s Seafood